Photos of the Vena del Gesso and Zattaglia courtesy of Marco Lolli Ceroni.  View the Gallery


The route begins at Cò di Sasso where it heads steeply uphill to Tomba all along a field. It continues through a wood and further uphill through gypsum doline as far as Case di Sotto. At Canovetta, the highest point, walk on for 300 metres on the asphalt road. At the first hairpin bend leave the road and take a little marked path which runs along the ridge of the calanchi bordering the basin of the Rio Cò di Sasso. The path continues and after a series of rises and descents reaches Cusicchie and Vedreto. The circular route finishes where it started after a downhill section that takes you back to Rio Cò di Sasso.


Fantastic panoramic view of the northern side of Monte Mauro and the calanchi near Rio Cò di Sasso, Rio Cugno and Rio Ferrato; fascinating route to Cusicchie, an abandoned house which inspired the set of a short film featuring Ivano Marescotti.


Medium difference in height. Two-third of the route are in the sun, apart from the initial rise which is in the shade. The clay soil makes the calanchi section not easily walkable when wet.


3 – 3.30 hours

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