Photos of the Vena del Gesso and Zattaglia courtesy of Marco Lolli Ceroni. View the Gallery


From Monte Mauro car park in Poggio Nuovo, follow the road up to Scala. Once in the wood, the path dug in gypsum soil heads uphill along the ridge until it crosses the CAI 511 footpath. Walk along the ridge beside the valley of the Rio Stella as far as the fork towards Cà Faggia. Here continue on the CAI 513 footpath which descends to Castellina di Sopra. Take the main road and leave it to return on the CAI 511 footpath between Monte Mauro and Monte Incisa. Finally, the route heads uphill on the eastern side of Monte Mauro and reaches the pieve, before descending to the initial car park.


One of the most fascinating panoramic views of the Vena del Gesso, from S. Biagio to the mount of Rontana; the blind valley and the basin of the Rio Stella karstic system, which penetrates from the South for 1.5 km into the Vena del Gesso and resurfaces farther north in the Rio Basino; the quarry of Lapis Specularis in Castellina di Sopra; the ruins of Monte Mauro fortress; the pieve of Monte Mauro.


The route is in the shade, almost always on gypsum, and is walkable even when wet. Moderate difference in height.


Between 2.30 and 3.30 hours, depending on the route.

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