Photos of the Vena del Gesso and Zattaglia courtesy of Marco Lolli Ceroni.  View the Gallery


The route begins at Monte Spada, heads downhill to Quartieri following the headlands of the cultivated fields, then uphill to Cassano. A long section of the CAI 511 footpath takes you all the way up to the summit of Monte Mauro, with a difference in height of 300 metres. The path returns by a different route, past the church (pieve) of Monte Mauro, downhill towards Pederzeto and La Felce countryhouse and wine cellar. Walk through woodland and follow sections of the old cart road of Monte Mauro as far as Zattaglia. Carry on until reaching Monte Spada.


The surfacing layers of selenite (from the Greek σελήνη – selene, moon), literally, stone of the moon: a secondary mineral composed of crystalline gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate) which settles in the shape of translucent blades – the Lapis Specularis of Roman age is composed of this mineral; the Pieve of Monte Mauro; enchanting sections overlooking the valley of the Sintria stream; the ruins of Monte Mauro fortress.


Suitable for well-prepared walkers; a steep ascent to Monte Mauro. Walkable even when wet. Remarkable difference in height; some exposed sections.


3.30 – 4 hours.

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