My name is Matteo. I am the son of Franco Bolognesi and Annamaria Spada. After graduating in Agricultural Sciences, I decided to be a farmer and conceived the plan to turn Monte Spada into a place of hospitality in sync with its surroundings.

At the same time I trained to be a Shiatsu Practitioner and Pranotherapist, while completing an NLP Master Practitioner Course.  Also, in step with the rhythms of the land, I love dancing and studying Argentine Tango.

I am convinced that today agriculture can represent much more than mere food production. For this reason, Monte Spada aims to become an “open air” classroom where one can learn through experience all that concerns the culture of the land.

This is a land that brings together farmer, work and Nature, just like a tango combines dancers, musicians and music to generate harmony, beauty and respect for whatever we have in common. In short, this is what I like to call “Agri Culture”.

Matteo Bolognesi - lavanda a Monte Spada
Monte Spada foto storica


Monte Spada

Monte Spada is a historic country house on whose lands the presence of the Spada family is documented since 1478 in Farneto and since 1724 in nearby Monte. Arguably, Monte Spada was originally a Medieval tower house.

In the 16th century the brothers Orazio and Paolo Spada – members of the family branch which owned the Quarneto farm – set out to increase the political and economic influence of the family, which ended up playing a significant role culminating in Bernardino Spada (1594 – 1661) becoming cardinal.

Palazzo Spada, which is located near Campo dei Fiori in Rome and today houses the Council of State, is the tangible evidence of the journey taken by this branch of the Spada’s family.