“Fra me e la Terra” extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the milling of the “Nostrana di Brisighella” variety only, harvested a little in advance of full ripeness and milled on the day of harvest or the next morning at the latest.

Our olive grove covers a one hectare area with about 400 olive trees, and on average produces 200 litres of oil a year. This means that on average each olive tree yields only a 500ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil. The “Nostrana di Brisighella” variety is generously scented, but does not stand out for high oil yields.

The olives are harvested in the last ten days of October, when they are mainly green. Compared to a November harvest, harvesting in October means a lower olive oil yield, but the oil thus milled combines more intense fruit flavours and more complex tones, among which prevailing sensations of freshly mowed grass, tomato leaf, and tender raw artichoke. The taste is more bitter than sweet with a not too mild sensation of spiciness.

The organoleptic properties of a natural extra virgin olive oil change continuously, month after month: the intensity of bitter and spicy tones tends to die down, while sweet tones surface.

“Fra me e la Terra” extra virgin olive oil goes well with vegetables it shares the same flavours with (artichoke, tomato, celery and other not overwhelmingly sweet vegetables), very tasty meat and fish, seasoned once cooked.

It can also be generously paired to soups, pasta in bianco (white pasta), polenta or special bruschette.

But there is more to it: “Fra me e la Terra” is also the title of a docufilm which tells about Monte Spada farm and the man at its helm… watch the video

Ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil